A breath of fresh air on AOL

Never mind the politics – I’m not talking about that. This is one of the most engaging voiceovers I have heard in a long time.


It has clarity of diction, proper emphasis, and just the right amount of urgency. I was beginning to think such things were being consigned to history (intentionally?), at least on – quotes advised – internet “news” sites. What’s more, if you read the text you’ll see that the narrator respects punctuation while not being enslaved by it.  And yet – he retains the gravitas of the old-school Newsman.  He understands the fine differences between language for reading and language for hearing. He seems to appreciate what a finely nuanced living thing our language is. I wonder whether he might also be the copy-writer? If not, then a nod is due in that direction too.

While the writer is credited the narrator is not; all the more reason in my book to award him a bouquet. You go, sir!

AOL, likewise. You’ll never train a robot to be that good.

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